May 26, 2011

What to Write...

So I don't write very often.

I know this and you know this. Well, if I am truly honest with myself, you may not know this. If I wrote more often, you might follow more and not get bored waiting for the next post.

So, why don't I write?!

I think the main reason I don't write often (other than being super busy with 2, no wait 3 jobs) is I may not want to write about jewelry and don't feel like I can post other things here. But why can't I post other things on this blog. I am not just a jewelry designer, I am so much more.

I am a cluttered mess....I am not kidding, if I wasn't just out of space in my home, I would be mistaken as a hoarder.
I am a reader....I read everything I can get my hands on. Magazines, books, pamphlets, everything!
I am a game player....not that kind of game player, I am too old for the head games. I love playing games on the computer or my kindle or friends smart phones...(I am not certain I am smart enough for a smart phone.)
I am a dreamer...I like to think about what my jewelry studio will look like one day, what my dream kitchen looks like, etc.
I love other things that I don't have time for like baking, cooking (sometimes) and gardening (but I am not good at it).

So let me ask you, my dear followers who have stuck with me through the dry spell. Do you care if I don't always talk about my jewelry or etsy? And if you like other topics, what do you want to chat about? Cause let's face it, a blog is just chatting with all of your cyber friends.

Chat again soon.


  1. This cartoon is hilarious!!! We all have dry spells!! I think I'm having one too and a lot of it has to do with all the jobs we do and the hats we wear!! Blogging is a creative process and when times are a bit stressful, it just kinda goes away, right?!

    Thanks a lot for the GC, I hope you get some traffic and business :)
    Love you, girl!!

  2. Lisa, thank you! Knowing I cannot have children, I thought the cartoon was funny. I am glad your give-away has been successful and I am happy to be apart of it.