March 24, 2010

Cane Glass...

I recently listed new items in my etsy store and thought I should let my fans on facebook know. I posted for everyone to take a look at the new items and it appears that the cane glass necklace, shown below, is a favorite. I usually get a lot of comments on this piece. My customers love it because no two are ever alike and it is quite the conversation piece. Whenever I wear mine, people always stop me to talk about it.

What is cane glass? Cane Glass is made up entirely of colorful fused segments of glass rods. It is very ornate. When made into beads such as the ones you see above, they are considered to be high quality. Makers of cane glass use a torch to wrap the molten state of the glass around metal rods. It is a very time-consuming and detailed process. Because cane glass has so many shapes and colors, there is usually something for everyone.

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