January 24, 2011

Featured Giveaway on www.LisaSmithBlog.com

A dear friend of mine is sitting at MD Anderson in Houston today having scans to make sure that the very rare breast cancer she is fighting is still in remission. Me and many fother riends and family members are praying for clear scans.
January is her anniversary month. Her anniversay of finding out that the lump she felt was not a good one. So this is the month she chose to feature one of my necklaces in her blog giveaway.

Here is a little background....
Back in March of 2010, I was on facebook and I saw a lot of high school friends joining the prayer wall for another high school classmate. Oh dear, I thought...what could be wrong. I did a little research and found her blog. I began reading....reading until I found out why she had a prayer wall. I found out that she was diagnosed with a very rare breast cancer and that she was fighting with her insurance company for a much need surgery....a surgery to save her life.
How can this be, I thought to myself. She is my age...a mother of 4 young children. I ask why to a question there are no real answers for. But as I log in every.single.day. to see how she is doing I find out exactly why. Lisa is the strongest, bravest woman I know. She gives so many people hope and inspiration. She is a bright light at the end of the tunnel.
I am not a religious person, but I was religiously reading her blog. Silently, mind you...never commenting and letting her know. You see, although Lisa and I went to the same high school, I was moving to Arizona around the same time she was moving to Dallas...to the high school I went to. I knew of her, but don't even remember ever chatting. So I could just start commenting on her blog...I didn't know her well enough...
Then on March 22, 2010, I read her blog entry that really upset me. Upset me to the point where I had to reach out. I emailed her....
Since that day, we have chatted often. I still read her blogs regularly. Some days I can still see afterwards, other days I have to wait for my tears to clear.

As you know, I design and make jewelry. That is the reason I started this blog...to help promote the pieces I make and talk about my love for designing and making jewelry.
When I read that Lisa was fighting her insurance company for surgery, I was shocked. Insurance companies that don't pay...we have them to pay, not fight paying. She lost the battle with the insurance company. She had her much needed surgery and she has a huge hospital bill to pay. I wanted to help in any way I could. So I designed a very simple and delicate necklace that I like to call Lisa's necklace. I vowed to her that for every necklace sold, I will donate to her to help her pay her hospital bill or for whatever she needs.

Please visit Lisa's blog here to participate in this giveaway.


  1. Hi! Ashley, this is so sweet, and the necklace is so pretty! I follow Lisa's blog, and hopped over to tell you Thank you! for the beautiful give-a-way! And Girl you have a gift that God gave you and that is yes~the jewelry, but He also gave you another and that is a caring spirit! Just look How He has led you to Lisa and the help that you offered is awesome! I just told Lisa, that I have set today with my BFF(best friend forever) while she had a double breast cancer surgery! I just loved this necklace for my support for breast cancer in general! Thanks! again! Use that talent for the Lord! Blessings!

  2. @Nana's Nuggets...thank you so much for the kind words.

  3. I came over from Lisa Smiths blog and checked out the items you have at your store. I really like the Coral, Turquoise and Bali Sterling Silver Bracelet.
    winit6 at hotmail dot com

  4. @nightowl...thank you for visiting. I add new items and blog entires, I hope you stay for a while.