January 20, 2011


We are over half way through January....how are your resolutions going? Did you make any?

I don't normally make resolutions, I just go about life as normal. This year, I made some statements to myself about things I wanted to do or change...so it looks like I made some resolutions. I am succeeding at some and not so much on others.

What I am succeeding at:

Cleaning out and getting more organized. Some members of my family will tell you this process is so painfully slow that they don't see any difference. I am here to tell you, I know what has gone into the trash and what has made its way to the recycle bin and there is a difference.

What I am still yet to start:

Eating healthy on a regular basis and going back to the gym. I really want to do these things, I just am so tired and lack the motivation to get started. A quick (processed food) meal is just easier when you are tired. And as for the gym, all of those other resolution people are there so it is probably very crowded. These are the things I tell myself, with maybe next week I will start.

So what are your "resolutions" and how are you doing with them?

Do you have the energy and motivation to complete everything in your day as you would like?


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